Fisch Project
1 min readJun 10, 2021

Fisch is a defi protocol in HAFEN ecosystem and will empowered HAFEN in the future. Fisch will be the best cross chain defi ecosystem. The first stage Fisch will launch at Binance Smart Chain and will launch at others chain in near future.

You might be wondering what exactly is the features and use case of $FISCH
here we explain down below:

Product of Fisch Finance

Yield Aggregator

Yield aggregator will be our first product, we will make vaults to help user to optimize their farming and staking APR with massive rewards.

Money Market
We will create money market protocol to let user borrow and lend crypto assets to our protocol with supported NFT collateral powered by HAFEN

Launchpad and IDO Platform
We will create platform to help seed and new project to launch and fundraising backed by HAFEN, details will reveal soon!

And many more developments up ahead, so don’t miss it out!

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Fisch Project

FISCH is a DeFi Protocol of Hafen Project coming with Multi Function - All in one system