Fisch Private Sale

Hello fellow followers of Fisch Finance medium page, it is a good day for us to announce to you guys that we are opening our Private Sale! lets bring it on.

before that, here is how you can participate and get a chance to get whitelisted! :

Link to our Private Sale Form:

We will also announce details of our token down below :

TOTAL SUPPLY : 58.300.000 FISCH Tokens
TOKENS TO BE SOLD(Private Sale) : 870.000 FISCH Tokens
PRIVATE SALE FISCH PRICE: $0.115 TGE 15% (85% vesting linear per month for 8months)
MINIMUM BUY : $1.500
MAXIMUM BUY : $6.000

and thats it guys!, here are the details of our Token and its Private Sale Price!

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Fisch Project

FISCH is a DeFi Protocol of Hafen Project coming with Multi Function - All in one system