We are announcing Fisch Finance partnership with WonderConsulting, A strong partner for your digital asset company.

Fisch Finance and WonderConsulting are aiming to create a mutualism partnership for marketing and networking purpose.




After all the events we are having in the last 2 months, we are now back with another event.

We are proud to present:


In order for you to be eligible for this airdrop, you must do the task below:

🎈 Follow our instagram:

🎈 give likes to all of our posts.

🎈Repost one of our post to Instagram Story and Tag Us.

🎈 fill this form below(Instagram username and BSC address):

Your support means a lot for us, thanks for following our instagram and do not forget there will be next airdrops, so stay tune ❗




Greetings, we would like to announce that FISCH official website is now live!
After several steps we have been through, the time has come for our website to be launched to public

To find out more about our Token and the products, our Team,Etc.
You can visit our website above

Thanks for your attention🙏
FISCH to the moon.



hello everyone, its been a long time we do not post here.
but without further ado , we want to announce our weekly event for you guys to win reward of $FISCH.

the game is pretty simple, you must make a meme with FISCH logo, and we will choose the winner of this COMPETITION

but in order to participate, you must :

  1. Follow our twitter:

2. Quote tweet pinned post with your meme picture, tag 3 friends with #Airdrop #BSC #fisch

meme must be using our logo :

3. Join telegram

4. join discord and submit your quoted tweet link (with meme picture) on #meme-competition channel
(you must be verified)




Hello Folks, get ready for the first AMA of Fisch! with one of the biggest crypto community in indonesia "CUBIT" so bring it on and join our upcoming AMA!

Joining up our CEO, Iyan Mintaraga and our COO, Defri Kristianto at our AMA session in @cryptoclubindo that will be ready to answer all your questions about Fisch Project.
Participate to get total rewards of 250 $FISCH

🟠 Date : Friday,18 June, 20.00 GMT+7
🟡 Place : @cryptoclubindo

We thankfully welcome anyone to participate on our AMA with @cryptoclubindo , and will be rewarding 250 $FISCH token for 10 members joining our AMA🥳

Token overview:
FISCH is a DeFi Protocol of Hafen Project coming with Multi Function - All in one system

with that being said, we welcome you to our first AMA.



Fisch Project

FISCH is a DeFi Protocol of Hafen Project coming with Multi Function - All in one system